White Jeans Crystal Necklace

April 27, 2015, Vanessa Balli Outfit of the Day

If there's one item you must have for Spring it's a pair of white jeans.  Whether skinny, straight or the popular 70's flair, white jeans are a blank canvas to create any type of outfit!  What's better than versatility with your wardrobe?!  While out and about at The Headquarters last week visiting the delicious Puesto for dinner, I paired my skinny jeans with a loose fitting black and white top, black strappy heels and a beautiful crystal drop necklace.  Simple and understated yet still chic!  I also love to pair white jeans with a chambray top or an all white outfit.  (All white may sound a little crazy, but I promise it looks classy!)  I will say if you can make it through the day without getting anything on your white jeans, you're one step ahead of me!  I think I lasted 3 hours.  haha  Regardless it's still a great staple to have in your closet, just keep some Shout wipes close by! 

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