Boho Chic

May 4, 2015, Vanessa Balli

Hello!! Quick question is anyone else freaking out that it's May already?  Seriously where has the time gone?!  I feel like April was over in a blink!  Geesh!  Well I guess it's time to start thinking about Summer and that's never a bad thing, although the whole getting in shape wearing a bikini thing is always a scary thought.  I guess it's time to start hitting the gym?  Who's with me...I need some serious motivation!!  Until someone decides to work out with me I'll be over here with my Starbucks! haha  
Now that my rant is over I'm very excited to share a fun outfit with you!  When I was getting ready for Coachella I did a little shopping (OK maybe a lot because I didn't wear half the stuff I brought) but now I get to share them with you!!  I'll start with my sandals because these are my absolute favorite.  They are by Dolce Vita and I got them at the Kitson store in San Diego.  Yes, San Diego has it's very first Kitson store at The Headquarters and I'm obsessed.  I could spend hours looking at all of the novelty items they have and of course the clothes and accessories!  One of my favorite places to buy gifts too!
My skirt is from a local boutique in San Diego called Stroll and it was the perfect compliment to my sandals to pull together my boho chic vibe that I can't get enough of lately!