This is two adventures in one: a complete cheese 101 presentation, PLUS classic pairings of 8 wines varietals with 12 cheese types. Truly a great way to explore the wonderful world of wine & cheese. Class cost: $50

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Did you make it to our first Salsa Under the Stars on April 17th? If the pictures are any indication, the night was a huge success and all guests had a blast dancing the night away!

Well, we’re not done just yet. Since the first salsa night was such a hit, we’ve decided to continue this event through September! That’...

Decadent and creamy, chocolate & cheese two foods are undeniably, sinfully, perfect together! Try them for yourself with our carefully selected cheeses and world class confections in this night of sweet and savory delights. Class Cost: $35


Join Venissimo for a tasting of the world's most popular raw milk cheeses. Learn what makes them special & why we should encourage the creation of new raw milk beauties. Class Cost: $50