Replacement found for Pizzeria Mozza

June 19, 2015, UT San Diego

The star-powered Pizzeria Mozza couldn’t make it in San Diego, but the developer of the old police headquarters is banking on a Las Vegas-based pizza and beer restaurant to thrive in the long-vacated space.

Seven months after the pizzeria helmed by nationally acclaimed restaurateur Nancy Silverton abruptly left the Headquarters at Seaport, Flour & Barley has signed on to take over the 4,300-square-foot space.

Parent company Block16 Hospitality had in fact been interested in locating a dining venue at the Headquarters long before it opened in 2013, but the particular space the company wanted was a bit too large for its needs, said Block 16 Corporate Chef Anthony Meidenbauer.

“We always had our eye on San Diego, it’s a great feeder market to Vegas, so it’s a great location for the growth of our company,” Meidenbauer said. “We have looked at the Gaslamp, Embarcadero, Seaport Village. When they started redoing this historic (police headquarters) building, we thought it was a great concept, creating this cool, fun shopping venue.”