The 12 Most Important Restaurants in San Diego

August 3, 2015, Thrillist

Many a San Diego restaurant has achieved the all-important goal of providing San Diegans with delicious food. But certain restaurants go beyond that. Certain restaurants simply, for one reason or another, matter. This is a tribute to a daring dozen restaurants that have changed San Diego in ways that go beyond putting a few extra pounds on the populace.


La Jolla and Marina District
From its early days in La Jolla, it was clear that Puesto was set to revolutionize Mexican food in San Diego. The restaurant’s from-scratch approach instantly garnered a lot of attention, as locals experienced how much better tacos can be when attention is paid to all of the important details, like making tortillas and salsa from scratch and wrapping meat fillings in a crisp crepe of fried cheese. The second location at The Headquarters (and an innovative cocktail program) cemented Puesto as a standard-setter for Tacos 2.0.